Vers DHARAMSALA – floral – spicy – carnal


Is a perfume  picked on an initiatory passage « through » India.We were on the road from Delhi to Dharamsala, far up in the Himalaya,  in search of « Spirituality » going to meet his Holiness the Dalaï Lama in person .

But all the way trough, touches of a rather plumpy rose smell mixed to incandescent incense fumes, disrupted by sharp and brisk dashes of fresh green cardamom rising from milky black local boiling hot « chaï » would tickle our noses…

This highly redolent context gave birth to the 7th perfume of the Pour Toujours collection. A magic perfume, as is 7, the figure !


Italian bergamot, Coriander, Pink Peper, Indian Cardamom, Bulgarian Rose, Black Tea, Grey and white Musks

The ingrédient that makes all the difference
 A hint of  synthetic Karmawood for a light yet deep sandal wood note

Eau de parfum
Flacon 100ml